Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,

About Us

Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai based private limited company in India.

Firstline Infotech was formed by experts in the field of Information Technology who have successfully grounded complicated varsity projects and implementing ERP for various sectors including Education, Production, Supply Chain Management, Small business and Mid business within a short time.

Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the leading ERP solution provider for Universities in India, - offering complete financial integrated solution for multi campus and multi branch Institutions. We design, customize, deploy and maintain your ERP requirments through our eVarsity ERP solutions and professional services. Firstline Infotech joins with you to drive momentum in your Institution.

The company's professionals excel in enterprise solutions for Universities, Cooperative Societies, Call desk applications, supply chain management, business process quality, engineering and product lifecycle management, and other IT solutions. Firstline Infotech also helps you with your web hosting plans and Payment gateway integration solutions.

Firstline Infotech Pvt. Limited has one of the best expertises in workflow automation, e-governance, University/College administration, large scale database administration and office automation. E-varsity, the company’s ERP for education sector had already become the Industry standard in TamilNadu, India. Four prestigious Universities have adopted e-varsity as their ERP. E-varsity provides a comprehensive solution for paperless functioning of any University / College. E-varsity is complimented by e-quest which is designed to accept any type of question bank and enables generation of any type of question paper with answer key.

Firstline Infotech had been identified by UNDP, Orissa as its IT partner for implementation of e-governance solutions in Orissa State. Firstline Infotech had successfully developed a web based HR Management solution, with budget and financial accounting control for Government of Orissa using open source technologies (J2EE/Postgresql).

Firstline also had been awarded the prestigious contract to carry out back office software operations of Air India, New York for carrying out its purchase operations online. ( The Air India online purchase software had already entered its tenth year of successful operations.

The technical manpower available with Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd., matches one of the best in I.T industry in India. The expertise enables us to carry out any I.T project with an exceptional speed. The technical personnel of the company have perfect understanding of the field level requirements of the Universities, corporate bodies and R & D institutions and hence the system design is made according to the best interest of the users. We care for the user acceptance since user acceptance is crucial to the success of any I.T application. Accordingly, the complications of system design never get reflected in the front end. The front end uses the best of GUI, thus reducing the time and cost on training.

Special expertise of Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

1. Expertise in disaster recovery

Disasters such as hardware crash, Operating System (OS) crash and database crash pose nightmarish experience to any organisation. Unless a strong system of disaster recovery is in position, any organisation is bound to suffer. A robust disaster recovery system is a pre requisite for any professional organisation, without which the role of a system administrator / database administrator becomes a fire fighter rather than an administrator. Any bought in disaster recovery software not only enhances the cost of operations but also poses problems in customising the same. Firstline Infotech builds any application software on a disaster recovery platform. So, in the event of a disaster, whether it is related to hardware, Operating System or the database itself, the disaster recovery package restores the lost data within minutes. The use of such robust disaster recovery software is one of the reasons for the success of the technical team that solve two server hard disk crashes and one database crash within hours. No data had been lost due to in built disaster recovery feature. The disaster recovery feature is also an in-house development. All the software packages being developed by the Firstline Infotech teams are built on a similar disaster recovery platform. Hence, the clients get an added service, which assures them a headache free electronic office functioning with assured database safety. The client gets the rich experience of the Firstline’s team in handling disaster recovery within minutes. The disaster recovery mechanism itself is highly automated and user friendly.

2. High end security system

Today, the I.T clients require not only a free flowing software but also a software which withstands all types of hacking, be it from within the organisation or from outside the organisation. The clients also need software, which does not require the presence of technical personnel all the time. In short, the application software should contain extremely user friendly features which enable easy operations and software administration by the users while blocking with all its might any unauthorised intrusions. The system should be administered by the non-technical officials themselves. Any software/database servicing would be restricted to the barest minimum. Such need for servicing should arise only in the event of a crash or failure of hardware. In the normal course, the non-technical people should be able to handle all the day to day requirements. The technical teams with Firstline have the rich experience of developing a User Manager with foolproof security features. This web enabled user manager portion had been built in all software developed or under development at Firstline. The web enabled user manager module can be handled by a non-technical staff working in the organisation. He/she has the right to assign and revoke rights on the application software. The role played by this staff is called software administrator. However, the software administrator has very little rights on the server operating system. Usually the software administrator has “server operator” right only. Similarly the software administrator has no special rights on the database administration. The authority of the software administrator in assigning and revoking rights on the application software is also severely restricted. For example, the software administrator cannot assign approval rights to a clerical staff and vice versa. Every time the user updates the database by pressing “save”, “modify” buttons, the system automatically captures the user’s identity which is permanently stored on the system. The identity of the users who took part in an online transaction can be ascertained easily. This provides total security to the system from all directions. The latest build security system has MD5 checksum based intranet digital signature tool. Every transaction is hashed and kept separately for online verification of the integrity of the records. This gives a paper-like quality to the electronic database.

3. Expertise in workflow automation

The technical experts working in Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd., have rich experience in workflow automation. The design, development and implementation of all application software packages are based on a workflow engine which specifies the rights according to designation of users. The rights and privileges are exclusive and not inter changeable.

4. Expertise in accounting

The top designers working in Firstline Infotech have strong background in commercial financial accounting processes. Robust financial accounting module in e-varsity. The financial accounting module incorporated in e-varsity is a controlling feature which enables the University/College to administer its entire functioning online efficiently. All finance related activities are controlled through this module. No wonder this module is considered as the heart and soul of e-varsity by the Firstline’s clientele. The e-varsity’s accounting module takes care of cash and bank transactions, purchases, inventory management, asset management, depreciation, journals, cash book and Trial balance etc. Fin. Accounting module in PROSPER, the HR Management software built for Orissa The web based HR management solution developed for Orissa Government has not only State budget module but also financial accounting engine, thus enabling the State and its offices to exercise budget as well as financial accounting controls.

5. Networking expertise

The Firstline’s team develops any application on network foundation only. This includes Internet, Local Area Networking and Wide Area Networking as well.

6. Expertise in database / RDBMS

Firstline has rich experience in handling Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Whether it is Oracle, DB2-UDB, MS-SQL server or Postgresql for linux, the Firstline’s team can handle any database. Firstline also has experience in Mysql database. Firstline has live projects in all these databases. Firstline’s team also has rich expertise in conversion of low level databases (flat tables) into relational databases. This enables seamless migration facility.

7. University administration system: CAT & e-varsity

Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd., had developed and implemented application software for completely automating the University Common Admission Test (CAT) with online counselling facility, regular examination processes resulting in award of grades, provisional certificates, Degree certificates, allotment of dummy numbers using barcode printing, university accounting, hostel management and library management. ( Firstline had also implemented e-varsity, an ERP package with integrated management of admission procedure, Financial Administration, hostel management, medical dispensary administration, HR administration, scholarship management etc., in various prestigious Universities/ Colleges. In fact e-varsity had become the industry standard because of its comprehensiveness and user friendliness.

8. Built in authentication feature equal to digital signature.

Firstline Infotech Pvt. Ltd., has its own MD5 checksum based digital signature tool whereby the organisation’s server does the authentication of any document issued through the system. This enables the users to know the people who had taken part in any online transaction. The digital signature code also enables retrieval of the original document authenticated using the digital ID. This enables organisations to enforce a tight accountability on the users while assuring the users and general public about the verifiability of documents issued through the system.

To summarise:

Firstline Infotech can handle a variety of database oriented applications such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM-DB2, MS-SQL server and mysql. Firstline has expertise in a variety of front-end application development environment too.